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Volunteer Training Webinar hosted by Jane James and Teg Harper, CanTRA Coach/Examiners

Thursday March 31, 2022

Volunteer Training Webinar

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Instructor UpdatingRequirements

Instructor Updating Summary Form

Updating Clinician Form

Rubric from Instructor Manual

Revised Medical Section from Instructor Manual

Resource Order Form


Registration Form

Certification Requirements

Rider Support Photos

As of July 2018 during technicals & exam candidates are expected to show trot at all levels of certification.
  • see more on trot requirement
  • Safety

    Helmet Safety Brochure - Courtesy of HCBC

    Helmet Fact Sheet - Courtesy of HCBC

    Parent Check List - Courtesy of HCBC

    CanTRA Concussion Guidelines for Instructors


    Provisional Centre Application

    Accredited and Professional Ethics National Safety Standards Checklist