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FAQs and Help

How do I renew my existing Membership?
Log in using the link in the User Tools menu. Click the RENEW link in your Member Dashboard.
My Dashboard says I do not have an active subscription. What do I do?
That happens when an offline subscription has not been updated or you are new to the site. If you have paid offline, via cheque or wire transfer, please fill in a support ticket and we'll activate the account manually.

If you do not have a Membership, please fill in this form to complete your activation.
What's the difference between registered and a CanTRA Member?
Website registration gives you access to user tools like newsletter options and language preferences, as well as any public content. Website registration is free.

CanTRA Membership gives you voting privileges as well as access to continuing education, our online classes, certification and other Member privileges. Annual membership (Jan 1 - Dec 31) for individuals is $40 CDN.
Can I renew offline?
Yes. When entering your information into the Membership form, simply choose offline as your payment method. When your payment arrives at the CanTRA office, your account will be manually activated.
Important steps - Member Profile
Update your Member profile to ensure we have all the relevant information. When you first register as a Member, choose ADD YOUR MEMBER INFO from your Member Dashboard. Fill in any information you have available and click save. You can edit this information at any time by choosing the EDIT YOUR MEMBER INFO link after saving. Hover over any field title for additional instructions.
If your question or issue is not covered here, please use the support chat below to send a note and we'll get back to you ASAP.