2021 CanTRA Awards


Andy Robb

Award Sponsor: JoAnn Thompson Franklin
Photo courtesy of The Joyriders
Andy passed away on Septemer 4, 2020, this is a posthumous award.

"Andy Robb served as a volunteer board member at the Joyriders for the past 20-odd years. During that time, he took on various roles within the organization including serving for several years as president. When he stepped down from the presidency, Andy was honoured by the board for his work as a transformational president by being named Director Emeritus, a position held until his recent passing." - Mel Galant, Treasurer The Joyriders T.R.A. Photo courtesy of The Joyriders

Mel Gallant

Award Sponsor: JoAnn Thompson Franklin
Mel Gallant is so deserving of recognition for his many contributions to the Joyriders. He has been a true friend, volunteer and administrator for fifteen years serving on the board of directors, especially as treasurer and fund-raiser. He made important contacts for us, including with an international artist whom he persuaded to design and donate our logo and donate artwork for fund-raising. He also shared his own award-winning talent as a photographer to our benefit. His administrative skills and organizing abilities were above reproach, and his caring, compassionate and outgoing personality – imparted with a great sense of humour – have placed us very much in his debt.

Daphne Davey, President, The Joyriders Therapeutic Riding Association of PEI
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